• Dr Jocelyne Basseal
    Dr Jocelyne Basseal Infection Control
  • A/Prof. George Condous
    A/Prof. George Condous Convenor and Gynaecology
  • A/Prof. Sue Campbell Westerway
    A/Prof. Sue Campbell Westerway Co Chair and General
  • A/Prof. Fabricio da Costa
    A/Prof. Fabricio da Costa Co Chair and Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Adjunct Prof. Odd Helge Gilja
    Adjunct Prof. Odd Helge Gilja Vice Chair
  • Dr Christian Nolsoe
    Dr Christian Nolsoe President
  • A/Prof. Fred Joshua
    A/Prof. Fred Joshua President Elect and Rheumatology
  • Dr Andrew Ngu
    Dr Andrew Ngu Ambassador
  • Dr Warren Adie
    Dr Warren Adie Anesthetics
  • Stephen Bird
    Stephen Bird MSK and Men's Health
  • Dr Cristina Chammas
    Dr Cristina Chammas Head and Neck
  • Mr Jason Chuen
    Mr Jason Chuen Vascular
  • Peter Coombs
    Peter Coombs CEUS
  • Prof. Robert Gibson
    Prof. Robert Gibson CEUS
  • Dr Adrian Goudie
    Dr Adrian Goudie Emergency Medicine
  • Le-Anne Grimshaw
    Le-Anne Grimshaw MSK
  • Gerry Hill
    Gerry Hill Vascular
  • Dr Stephen Hughes
    Dr Stephen Hughes Physics
  • Prof. Jon Hyett
    Prof. Jon Hyett Obstetrics
  • Jane Keating
    Jane Keating CEUS
  • Jo McCann
    Jo McCann Head and Neck
  • Prof. Anthony McLean
    Prof. Anthony McLean Critical Care
  • A/Prof. Stuart Moir
    A/Prof. Stuart Moir Cardiac
  • Michelle Pedretti
    Michelle Pedretti General
  • Delwyn Nicholls
    Delwyn Nicholls Education
  • Dr Sandhir Prasad
    Dr Sandhir Prasad Cardiac
  • Dr Padma Rao
    Dr Padma Rao Paediatrics
  • Dr James Rippey
    Dr James Rippey Emergency Medicine
  • Dr Sheryle Rogerson
    Dr Sheryle Rogerson Neonatal
  • Dr Lufee Wong
    Dr Lufee Wong Gynaecology
  • Marilyn Zelesco
    Marilyn Zelesco General

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