A/Prof Wan-Ching LienNational Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan

    Dr. Lien studied medicine at the National Taiwan University and graduated in 1998. She completed internal medicine and emergency medicine training at the National Taiwan University Hospital. She is an attending physician of the Department of Emergency Medicine of the National Taiwan University Hospital since 2003. She received her Ph. D degree in Epidemiology in 2012. Currently, Dr. Lien is an associate professor at the Department of Emergency Medicine of the National Taiwan University.

    Dr. Lien has published more than 70 scientific papers in well-known international peer-review journals, most of them regarding emergency and resuscitative ultrasound. She has given invited lectures annually in the area of her expertise on the annual conventions of the Taiwan Society of Ultrasound in Medicine since 2007. In addition, she has been an invited speaker in the conference of the WINFOCUS and WFUMB.

    Dr. Lien’s most famous study is “Tracheal rapid ultrasound exam (T.R.U.E.) for confirming endotracheal tube placement during emergency intubation” that has been cited for more than 70 times. Her current research interests and grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan are regarding ultrasound education.

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