Chintha PanditaratneSonographer, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

    Chintha Panditaratne has been an accredited medical sonographer for over 10 years.   After completing her sonography training at RMIT, she has worked as a general Sonographer at MIA Radiology, Imaging Associates and has been working at the Royal Children’s Hospital for the last five years.

    Her special interests include Breast, Musculoskeletal and Paediatric Ultrasound.  She enjoys passing on her ultrasound skills and knowledge to new students and peers in radiology and working closely with her radiologists who love to teach and pass on their knowledge as well.

    This is her first oral presentation at a conference and hopes it is a stepping stone to a new avenue of teaching in Ultrasound. She will be presenting on the topics of Paediatric Renal Ultrasound in collaboration with her Chief Ultrasound Radiologist at RCH, Jenny Bracken.

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