Dr. Edda L ChavesM.D. Ultrasonologist, Hospital Santo Tomás, Panama

    Dr. Edda L Chaves is a Venezuelan-born diagnostic ultrasound specialist, with an MD from Universidad de los Andes in Venezuela and postgraduate studies at the Royal Marsden Hospital University in London under the tuition of Dr. David Cosgrove.
    With more than 30 years of experience dedicated to diagnostic and interventional ultrasound, Dr.Chaves has been a member of the ultrasound unit at the Cancer Society in Maracay, Venezuela and founder and head of the ultrasound unit at the Central Hospital of the same city. She served as president of the Ultrasound Society of Venezuela and currently sits at the board of the Latinoamerican Federation of Ultrasound Societies (FLAUS). Currently residing in Panama, she is a frequent speaker at ultrasound conferences throughout Latin America.

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