Dr Helen KeenRheumatologist, UWA, Fiona Stangley Hospital, Murdoch, WA, Australia

    Dr Helen Keen is a clinician academic at Royal Perth Hospital, and The University of Western Australia.

    Helen completed her undergraduate medical degree at The University of Western Australia. She spend time in Perth at RPH, before moving to Sydney to undertake Basic Physician Training. She returned to Perth to begin training in rheumatology. In 2003, she undertook a fellowship in rheumatology in Adelaide, where she became involve in research in early rheumatoid arthritis, and the role of ultrasonography in rheumatology. Helen then secured an academic position in Leeds (UK) where she completed a 3 year fellowship in ultrasonography, and undertook a Phd, focusing on ultrasonography in osteoarthritis. During her time in Leeds, Helen developed competency in rheumatologically ultrasonography, clinical trials methodology and outcome measures.

    Helens current research interests include validation of ultrasonography in rheumatology. Additionally, she is interested in the management of gout and osteoarthritis; particularly the relationship between inflammation and outcomes, and the role of anti inflammatory therapies in these conditions.

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