Dr Leandro FernandezDirector, Laboratorio de Ecografía Vascular, Instituto Médico La Floresta, Caracas, Venezuela

    Dr. Fernandez is Director of the Laboratory of Advanced Sonography at Instituto Medico La Floresta in Caracas, Venezuela and Professor of Physics and Clinical Applications of Doppler Ultrasound at SonoImagen-JUREI, which is affiliated to Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA.  He completed the Post Graduated Internship in Cardiology and MSc in Internal Medicine at Universidad Central de Venezuela and he has been involved with Ultrasound since 1985.

    WFUMB Officer since 2003, author of ultrasound papers and International Speaker with more than 400 lectures. Dr. Fernandez’s primary areas of ultrasound experience are Nephro-Urology and Neurovascular.

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