Dr Wouter FroymanConsultant Gynaecologist, University Hospitals Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

    Dr Wouter Froyman graduated in medicine (“magna cum laude”) at KU Leuven in 2011, after which he began his training in obstetrics and gynecology. Since 2015, he works as a doctoral researcher in the International Ovarian Tumor Analysis (IOTA) group, in collaboration with Professor Dirk Timmerman. The subject of his thesis is the development and validation of diagnostic methods (i.e. in imaging, ultrasound in particular) for the management of patients with adnexal masses, with a focus on the investigation of the long-term behavior of adnexal lesions followed conservatively (IOTA phase 5). He is also coordinating the ongoing studies IOTA phase 7 and IOTA-MRI.

    Besides gynecological ultrasound, his main clinical practice covers colposcopy and hysteroscopic/laparoscopic surgery at the University Hospitals of KU Leuven. Since February 2018, he is a full time staff member. He has been invited speaker at several national and international conferences and trainings, including IAM 2015 (Manila), BSGI 2016 (London), EBCOG 2016 (Torino), ISUOG 2016 (Rome), ESGE 2016 (Brussels), IOTA conference 2017 (Leuven), Doelen conference 2017 (Rotterdam), IAM 2017 (Manila), AOCOG 2017 (Hong Kong), ESHRE 2017 (Geneva), ISUOG 2017 (Vienna), IWUGO 2018 (Prague), NFUD 2018 (Stavanger), Dutch IOTA course 2018 (Almere), Advanced Training Course in Gynecological and Obstetrical Ultrasound 2018 (Budapest), IOTA course China 2018 (Beijing), ISUOG 2018 (Singapore), BEN Symposium 2018 (Hilversum), 2nd Austrian Congress Gynecological Ultrasound 2018 (Vienna), AIOE 2018 (Bari), ISGE 2019 (Brussels), Assises de Gynécology Obstétrique 2019 (Lille), Doelen conference 2019 (Rotterdam), IOTA conference 2019 (Leuven), ETCA 2019 (Antwerp)

    In 2016, Wouter Froyman received the Dame Hilda Lloyd congress medal for best abstract on the RCOG conference in Birmingham. In 2017, he received the best abstract award on the ISUOG world congress.

    Wouter Froyman is a representative of the International Ovarian Tumor Analysis Organization (IOTA) group in the O-RADS committee of the American College of Radiology (ACR), a member of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG) basic training committee and a member of the IOTA Steering Committee.

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