Jos J. ImmerzeelRadiation Oncologist, Andros Men's Health Institutes, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Dr Jos Immerzeel is a renowned Radiation Oncologist from the Netherlands, who is an MRI Ultrasound Fusion Biopsy expert. He has moved away from the (generally used) systematic biopsy approach, establishing new protocols where there is any suspicion for prostate cancer: “mp-MRI-First”. When an MRI shows any suspicious areas, patients are followed up by “Transperineal MRTRUS- Fusion-biopsy” under Local Anaesthesia. From 2016-2018 Dr Immerzeel performed >800 biopsy-procedures with high prostate cancer detection rates (> 80%) and no infections/ urosepsis without use of antibiotics. He has performed over 3000 MRI Fusion Biopsies and is pleased to share his experience in improved workflow and patient outcomes.”

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