Prof. Dr. Christoph F DietrichCaritas Krankenhaus Bad Mergentheim, Bad Mergentheim, Germany

    Prof. Dr. Christoph F. Dietrich, MBA, is Chief of Internal Medicine 2 at Caritas-Krankenhaus Bad Mergentheim, Germany. He is 郑州大学(第一临床学院和第一附属医院)荣誉教授 (Professor honoris causa) at Zhengzhou University, China. He studied also philosophy and history. He specialized in internal medicine. He is certified specialist in gastroenterology & hepatology and proctology, pneumology, haematology & oncology and palliative care and geriatric medicine. He was President of EFSUMB 2013-2015, DGE-BV 2013 and he is currently Vice President of WFUMB (2017-2019).

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