Prof Paul McMenaminDirector, Centre for Human Anatomy Education, Monash University, Clayton, VIC, Australia

    Paul has taught anatomical sciences to medical students, science students and a range of postgraduate surgical and medical specialists for around 36 years.  After completing a degree in Zoology at Glasgow University, Scotland, he did a PhD focussing on the anatomy and pathology of the eye. He undertook a professional training in medical anatomy (M.Sc. [Med. Sci]) (Glasgow University) before moving to The University of Western Australia (1987).  Paul was appointed to full Professor in 2003 and obtained his D.Sc. (Medicine) in 2010.  In that same year he became Director of ‘The Centre for Human Anatomy Education’ (CHAE) at Monash University, Melbourne. He continues to have an active laboratory, focussing on the role of immune cells in the eye and brain.  He has published around 170 papers and co-authored one textbook. Paul has been the recipient of numerous teaching accolades including ‘Premier’s Award for Excellence in Tertiary Teaching’ (Western Australia) in 2007.  He has pioneered new approaches to anatomy teaching such as body painting, and has recently with his team at CHAE created a series of 3D printed replicas of the normal human body which is available commercially. He is currently engaged in printing a 3D pathology series and a Virtual Reality anatomy laboratory as well as creating a medical anatomy curriculum to be available worldwide on Sectra tables.

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