Prof Sudhir VinayakChair, Radiology Department, AGA Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya, Africia

    Sudhir Vinayak is currently Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology – Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya.

    Prof. Vinayak has published numerous scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals as well as domestic scientific papers. He has written chapters for Radiology text books and is on the editorial board for a number of journals. He has also delivered invited lectures in his area of expertise to international audiences.

    Prof. Vinayak has the following appointments and positions:
    Lecturer MASU/WFUMB

    Present Positions:
    Chair, Department of Radiology – Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi
    President, MASU (Mediterranean and African Society of Ultrasound)
    Administrative Council, World federation of Ultrasound (WFUMB)
    Treasurer, International Society of Radiology (ISR)

    Past Position:
    Immediate Past President, African Society of Radiology

    Important Publications:
    Prof. Vinayak’s research focus is in the fields of thyroid, breast & obstetric imaging. He has written numerous International guidelines on the use of Ultrasound.

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